Best AP World History Books

Barron's AP World History, 7th Edition

I recommend the Barron's 6th edition to my students.

As an AP World History teacher, I would currently rate this resource as my first choice. I recommend the Barron's 6th edition to my students and their parents. My students from last year also rated this as their first choice. I am trying to get a class set for this school year.

By South Florida Guy

Perfect Book for World History Students

The book features a wide range of different summarizations and tools to fit any studier's needs, from quick synopses of a whole time period to more in-depth pages dedicated to a particularly important civilization or phenomenon. The book advertises "Everything you need to get a 5," which, if used properly, it will most certainly provide.

By Arthur Markley

Best Available Book for Long Term Study

This book is, without a doubt, the best book for the AP World History examination. Without any prior knowledge in World History, I self-studied the material to a great level of detail (I had studied it for about 3.5 months in order to fully understand the material, which is quite dense).


Cracking the AP World History Exam 2017

A good investment - with huge potential dividends for parents!

Look, getting your kid to do review for AP isn't that minimum, you get half a dozen practice tests - my kid already did three, this has got to help...there are also some decent tips in the book. I would say a good small investment which, if your kid gets a 5 on that test, and your college accepts the credit, will pay you back HUNDREDS (or thousands) of times (or more)!

By Frisky

AP World History Book

Recommended by student who used last year and said was very helpful for the AP test taken May 2016. Hopefully we will have the same success

By Gina Grigsby

She feels much better prepared for the exam.

Bought for my granddaughter who is going to take the exam this month. The practice test have been very valuable to her to help ubderstant the type questions that are being ask. She feels much better prepared for the Ap world history exam.

By Jim

AP® World History Crash Course Book

Great quality

I loved this book because this book is concise and only deals with the essential information. My AP teacher recommended it to me, and I am glad he did. If you're a student who wants to get a good quality review, I believe this is the right book for you.

By Jasmin Kim

Definitely the Best Test Prep book for AP World History

After teaching AP World History for 7 years where 90% of my students pass, this is the only test prep book I would buy for my students. It follows the course curriculum, has up-to-date information, has just enough information to digest, and Jay Harmon is a great guy. What more can you ask for? :)

By Frisbeeman

Good prep - get latest version

Great book for studying. Just make sure you order the correct edition (ie, 2017 vs 2016) - my son's study buddy received an older version. I'll post more info when we get the test results.

By freshface

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