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Cracking the AP English Language & Composition Exam, 2017 Edition

I would recommend these different books for different types of studying

I bought this book along with the Barron's Review book to assist me in studying for the rather rigorous AP World exam. After successfully completing the course and exam, I would recommend these different books for different types of studying. The Princeton Review is much better used as a review rather than a fact-packed supplemental guide (as I believe Barron's is). Also, this book contains lots of test taking strategies, and how to actually write the 3 types of essays we are required to know how to compose (something I was NOT taught in class!). This portion of the book is much more in depth than the Barron's Review.

By Amber Baird

Much better than other resources on same subject

My daughter was given the flash cards from the Barron's version of this book to study from. They were terrible. They would have been good for someone to use throghout the year, maybe. But they had far too much material on them to really be called flash cards. And nothing was spelled out in simple language. The format of the Princeton Review book was much easier to follow and made working toward understanding the material better kind of an adventure. She really liked the pretest and the unit quizzes. She could see improvement as she went along, which was a big relief.

By Jill Turner

The only review guide worth spending money on.

My son is confident he got a "5" on the AP test (we'll know next month when the 2015 grades are posted) and he says this review guide was a huge help. According to his teacher, the Princeton Review is the only one she recommends.

By Felix

Barron's AP English Language and Composition, 7th Edition


Mastering the skills you need to succeed on the AP English Language and Composition test takes practice.

Five full-length practice exams with all questions answered and explained are provided.

A guide to writing focused and well-organized responses to essay questions are available.


AP ya know!

I bought this book so that I could prepare for my AP English Literature exam. I would have to say, as far as studying for an exam, it was well worth the money.

By User

Good resource

This helped me all year teaching AP Lit for the first time. It provides great strategies and sample tests that helped my students prepare for their AP exam.

By Kristi M. Kinney

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