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AP Physics 2 Essentials

Great book with many practice problems - also goes over underlying concepts

I have taken AP Physics 1 in may 2014, and I received a Three. I realized after that that my studying process was off. I would always study the math, the equations, and the numbers of physics, but never the concepts - so once it came to the multiple choice, I was a failure. Now, I am studying for AP Physics C, and also AP Physics 2, and i can tell you this book is pretty good. I am understanding the concepts behind the gas laws, the constants of pressure and volume, and also the electricity and magnetism part is a good intro before you pull out the real AP Physics C book with calculus. Remember, formulas are great, but trust me, the AP physics multiple choice questions are more about the concepts underlying physics than mathematical problems. I believe this book does a little bit of both, and i would recommend it to most people. I would also recommend Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2015 edition. If i had studied the concepts, i most likely would have received a 4. I am working towards that 5 on AP Physics 2, and at least a 4 on AP Physics C: Mechanics.

By Jean-Luc Hayes

Extremely Useful!

This book contains a lot of helpful information. This book help to better understand AP Physics 2. Highly recommended.

By Tiger

Five Stars

This book has the entire ap physics 2 curriculum, every topic is covered fully and in detail.

By User

Sterling Test Prep: AP Physics 2 Practice Questions

Did great on the exam

I purchased both the prep books for AP physics 1 and physics 2. I am extremely happy with both books. Each covered all the topics tested. It was great to use the diagnostic tests before studying the chapters. The chapters had many questions that let me learn the material. The step by step and detailed explanations are what makes this book so great. Friends were using my book and ignoring their study material because they saw that these two AP physics 1 and 2 books were superior to their books from other authors. Really targeted my studying. I was able to gain confidence from all my practice, learn the concepts and be very efficient in my study time. I did great on both exams. Thanks to Sterling the tests are behind me and I have the scores I hoped for.

By Bonnie Eldrige

As a science teacher, I recommend this book for AP physics 2

I am a high school science teacher and I recommend this book. This book is very good because it has a great variety of questions with explanations and detailed solutions to the problems. The questions are designed well because they require the student to understand the concepts to master the material. The explanations illustrate the topics needed for AP physics 2. By using this book, it is easy to understand the concepts tested and then to follow the solutions. The solutions allow for significant learning of the topics. I like that the math to solve the problems is included and easy to understand. I have recommended the book to students and they have had good results. Students seem to like using the book to reinforce practice for class and to prepare for the AP exam. Great book for AP physics 2.

By Sally Johnson

Did well on the exam and thanks to this book

The diagnostic tests are great because they were representative of my understanding of the material. Different than other books my friends owned, they are a great tool in the book. I learned from the detailed explanations to the questions. The large number of questions allowed me to focus my studying. I did great on the test and was much better prepared by using this book for the AP physics 2 test. I am glad I used this book to do well on the test.

By Tiffany Fields

Barron's AP Physics 1 and 2

but that is what makes it so great. It prepares you for something harder

This was my bible when I took AP Physics in high school. The tests in the book were definitely harder than the actual test, but that is what makes it so great. It prepares you for something harder, so that the actual test is even EASIER. I got a 5 on the AP test and this was the main thing I studied from!

By Anthony Nguyen

A Good Book

In the words of my son...

This book has very good example multiple choice problems, that cover each topic of the AP Physics 1 Exam. These multiple choice questions, accurately reflect the questions on the AP, however the free response questions only sometimes reflect what is on the exam, and other times are too difficult. I found that this book also was extremely confusing in distinguishing AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 material from each other, often making me study material that would not even be on the exam.

I recommend that this book be used for its excellent multiple choice questions, and some of its free response questions, but not so much for the written lessons, since they are often oversimplified. I found that the AP Physics 1 Crash Course Book + Online (Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course), was far more helpful than the Barron's lessons. Also, the 4 practice exams for AP Physics 1 are all excellent and I recommend that you take them.

By User

Worth It For the Money

When it's time (early April) to start working through full-length practice tests, this is a nice place to start. In honesty, I do get the feeling that this is largely a re-hashing of the A.P. Physics B (the very definition of an "inch deep and mile wide" curriculum) prep materials. That's not necessarily a terrible thing, though, if this is going to be the first full-length exam that you or your students work through. Some of the questions on the practice exams are very basic and very they HAD to be back when A.P. Physics B classes had to cover around 25 college textbook chapters in only 32 weeks prior to the exam. I'd be (pleasantly) surprised to see some of those very easy questions make it to the first A.P. Physics 1 exam...but it's still valid practice that touches upon relevant, testable content.

By PensFourthCup

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