Best AP Psychology Books

Barron's AP Psychology, 7th Edition

Would buy again if I ever wanted to take another AP Psyc any year

I recommend Barrons for any social studies AP class. 5 steps to a 5 is just too much info that you don't need to know for any social studies class. These are great with summaries of all the important stuff from a chapter in very simple words where you don't need a dictionary, and there are multiple choice questions after each chapter. The questions are not easy to the point where you can do without studying, they are challenging enough to make you ready for the exam. Would recommend this over any other book any time.

By Fatima Sayyada


I bought this for my son, who was studying for two AP exams. He reports that this volume was helpful in studying for the test. That's the best praise I can give it.

By Diane L.

Great book

It dumbs it down enough for me to understand the definition of the terms and the information

By User

Cracking the AP Psychology Exam, 2017 Edition

I would recommend these different books for different types of studying

I bought this book along with the Barron's Review book to assist me in studying for the rather rigorous AP World exam. After successfully completing the course and exam, I would recommend these different books for different types of studying. The Princeton Review is much better used as a review rather than a fact-packed supplemental guide (as I believe Barron's is). Also, this book contains lots of test taking strategies, and how to actually write the 3 types of essays we are required to know how to compose (something I was NOT taught in class!). This portion of the book is much more in depth than the Barron's Review. Overall though, if you're looking for a comprehensive review, go with Barron's; if you just need to refresh major ideas, I highly recommend this one. Either way, these books will help you if you're trying to get a 4 or 5 on the exam!

By Amber Baird

The only review guide worth spending money on

My son is confident he got a "5" on the AP test (we'll know next month when the 2015 grades are posted) and he says this review guide was a huge help. According to his teacher, the Princeton Review is the only one she recommends.


By Felix

This helped me get a 5!

I read this book in its entirety only one time and it helped me achieve a 5 on the AP test. The tone and writing style is very conversational, so it won't bore you to death if history is not your thing. The essay section could be better, but what will improve your essays most is simply practice. Take skills from this book, take skills you can find elsewhere on the internet, and take skills that your teachers give you to keep on practicing your writing and time management. In regards to the book's content, everything is summarized to give you the most important details and concepts that you'll be tested on.

By Neoking

AP® Psychology Crash Course Book

Got a 5 with the help of this book!

This book easily condenses lots of information in a really straightforward way. I also like some of their tips and examples they gave to understand hard to grasp concepts! I got a 5 on my AP psych, and a large portion was because of this books help!

By Addie McClure

Money well spent

This book is truly a gem. Many people will recommend Barron's and Barron's is good, but this book, cut all the fluff and got to the essence of what my kid needed to learn. It is an awesome series and we will be using this to review for other AP exams :)

By Nicole


My students loved this book

My students loved this book. After swimming in an ocean of material all year, the students were able to focus their review on key terms. It doesn't replace a textbook and a year of discussion and exercises, but it helps the students recall and remember what they have learned.

By Beth Thompson

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