Best AP US History Books

Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam, 2017 Edition

Great resource.

These books always help my daughter, not just with the exam but as she pointed out, she uses it as a guide for her class work to get better grades. Don't wait until months before the exam, get it now and support them though out the school year.

By Eric

Actually Really Helped Me

I read the entire thing over the month prior to the A.P test, it seemed very useful. Each time period is perfecrly condensed as much as it can be without leaving out important information. I took the practice test when I got the book; did terrible. Took the second practice test a week before the real test and did really well though. It takes serious time dedication however to properly use this book to study. I felt like I did well on the A.P test, but I'll update the review when I get my score in July (if I remember).

By Cindy Rausch

5/5 Stars!

The Princeton Review breaks down every time period studied in APUSH into easy to understand and insightful summaries, providing vocabulary for each section in the back that you can define and study with yourself. Combined with disciplined study habits and the use of flash cards and practice tests, The Princeton Review is sure to make the AP exam a cinch! (It did for me, anyway.)

By Andrew Bruce

Barron's AP United States History, 3rd Edition

It really helps us review well.

Used by my teen age daughter. Positive feedback. Review truly hit the high points (rather than obscure facts) and really helped us review well.

By Mark A. Renholzberger


Product was exactly as described. With so many versions out, I was worried I'd receive one of the alternate revisions. Perfect.

By Christyk

This has a great summary of US history

This has a great summary of US history. Not quite as great as the AP World History, but it does the job if you are trying to cram.

By Sad Panda

Five Stars

When I ordered the book, I had one week to study. The book was delivered quickly and helped me prepare for the test. Thanks!

By Frank Nitty

AP® U.S. History Crash Course Book


I teach 3 sections of APUSH. My goal is for all of my students to achieve scores of 3 or above. Many of my students have asked me to recommend an APUSH prep book. AP® U.S. History Crash Course Book is an outstanding and highly recommended book.

By Abigail Adams

Hands down the single best review book

Hands down the single best review book out there. One of my friends who took apush last year recommended that I buy it to use for the class and exam - he used the last edition and got a 5 and an A in the class. I used this one to study for my Unit 6 test, and got a full score on the SAQ and only one wrong on MC. Our class is a bit behind, so I've been using the book to get ahead on the AP curriculum. I showed my teacher the Crash Course book and she was also really impressed. She's seen past exams and said the book focuses on everything important and leaves out unnecessary details. This book is definitely a must-have for anyone taking apush.

By Varsha

Great Resource

I started using this book the week before my APUSH test, and I did really well on it! The book is super concise and accurate to ensure a 5 on the exam.

United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination

Get a 5 on the exam with this!

I bought this in the beginning of the school year and actually used it as my APUSH textbook. The chapters in here are really short, usually around 10 pages, and they pack in the best information. There's also multiple choice and short answer questions at the end of each chapter, if that's something you're looking for. I would definitely reccomend buying this book a while BEFORE the AP exam though, because if you want to seriously go through each chapter and read and take in the info, it will take you a while.

By Katie Anne

Fantastic book!

Fantastic book that teaches us both information and skills needed for the AP exam. Ignore all the one star reviewed people upset over a sentence about the 2nd admenent. My teacher recommended this book and after starting to use it I can see why. Great multiple choice, short response, and dbqs. Really helping with studying US history, which contains so much information.

By eBay Customer

Awesome Book!

Very clear, concise, and relevant. Great for quick learning and contains pretty much all the main topics you need for the AP exam. The practice questions/essays aren't bad, but it's probably better to work on old AP questions, as they offer the most representative style of questioning. Overall, this book is excellent and highly recommended.

By Y. Zhu

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