AP Calculus BC Knowledge Review: Integration

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On the AP Calculus BC exam, you will be asked to evaluate integrals of various functions. In this chapter, you will learn several methods of evaluating integrals including U-Substitution, Integration by Parts, and Integration by Partial Fractions. Also, you will be given a list of common integration and differentiation formulas, and a comprehensive set of practice problems. It is important that you work out these problems and check your solutions with the given explanations.

Key Ideas

Evaluating Integrals of Algebraic Functions

Integration Formulas

U-Substitution Method Involving Algebraic Functions

U-Substitution Method Involving Trigonometric Functions

U-Substitution Method Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions

U-Substitution Method Involving Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

Integration by Parts

Integration by Partial Fractions

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