AP Biology Practice Test 1

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Time 15 minutes

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1. The resting membrane potential depends on which of the following?

I. Active transport

II. Selective permeability

III. Differential distribution of ions across the axonal membrane

2. The Krebs cycle in humans occurs in the

3. A heterotroph

4. Regarding meiosis and mitosis, one difference between the two forms of cellular reproduction is that in meiosis

5. A feature of amino acids NOT found in carbohydrates is the presence of

6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of bacteria?

7. Which of the following best explains why a population is described as the evolutionary unit?

8. The endocrine system maintains homeostasis using many feedback mechanisms. Which of the following is an example of positive feedback?

9. A scientist carries out a cross between two guinea pigs, both of which have black coats. Black hair coat is dominant over white hair coat. Three quarters of the offspring have black coats, and one quarter have white coats. The genotypes of the parents were most likely

10. A large island is devastated by a volcanic eruption. Most of the horses die except for the heaviest males and heaviest females of the group. They survive, reproduce, and perpetuate the population. Since weight is highly heritable and the distribution of weights approximates a binomial distribution, the offspring of the next generation would be expected to have

11. All of the following play a role in morphogenesis EXCEPT

12. During the period when life is believed to have begun, the atmosphere on primitive Earth contained abundant amounts of all the following gases EXCEPT