AP Biology Practice Test 2

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1. Villi and microvilli are present in the small intestine and aid in reabsorption by

2. Which of the following does NOT take place in the small intestine?

3. In animal cells, which of the following represents the most likely pathway that a secretory protein takes as it is synthesized in a cell?

4. All of the following statements are correct regarding alleles EXCEPT

5. Once a plasmid has incorporated specific genes, such as the gene coding for the antibiotic ampicillin, into its genome, the plasmid may be cloned by

6. Although mutations occur at a regular and predictable rate, which of the following statements is the LEAST likely reason the frequency of mutation appears to be low?

7. Which of the following adaptive features would least likely be found in an animal living in a hot arid environment?

8. Which of the following best accounts for the ability of legumes to grow well in nitrogen-poor soils?

9. Which of the following is most correct concerning cell differentiation in vertebrates?

10. Question below refers to the diagram below.
Which of the following chambers or vessels carry deoxygenated blood in the human heart?

11. In chick embryos, the extraembryonic membrane that provides nourishment to the fetus is the

12. Some strains of viruses can change normal mammalian cells into cancer cells in vitro. This transformation of the mammalian cell is usually associated with the