AP Biology Practice Test 22

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Time 15 minutes

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1. Which of the following is the source of oxygen produced during photosynthesis?

2. An organism exposed to wild temperature fluctuations shows very little, if any, change in its metabolic rate. This organism is most probably a

3. Which of the following is a frameshift mutation?

4. A researcher conducts a survey of a biome and finds 35 percent more species than she has found in any other biome. Which biome is she most likely to be in?

5. On the basis of the following crossover frequencies, determine the relative location of these four genes:

6. A man contracts the same flu strain for the second time in a single winter season. The second time he experiences fewer symptoms and recovers more quickly. Which cells are responsible for this rapid recovery?

7. Which of the following are traits that are affected by more than one gene?

8. A lizard lacking a chemical defense mechanism that is colored in the same way as a lizard that has a defense mechanism is displaying

9. Crossover would most likely occur in which situation?

10. Imagine an organism whose 2n = 96. Meiosis would leave this organism’s cells with how many chromosomes?

11. A student conducts an experiment to test the efficiency of a certain enzyme. Which of the following protocols would probably not result in a change in the enzyme’s efficiency?

12. You observe a species that gives birth to only one offspring at a time and has a relatively long life-span for its body size. Which of the following is probably also true of this organism?