AP Biology Practice Test 3

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Time 15 minutes

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1. The major difference between cartilage and bone is that cartilage

2. All of the following are examples of events that can prevent interspecific breeding EXCEPT

3. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of asexual reproduction in animals?

4. Which of the following is the correct characteristic of arteries?

5. Transpiration is a result of special properties of water. The special properties of water include all of the following EXCEPT

6. Crossing-over occurs during which of the following phases in meiosis?

7. Which of the following about meiosis is NOT true?

8. A plant grows in the opposite direction of the gravitational force. This is an example of

9. In most ecosystems, net primary productivity is important because it represents the

10. Hawkmoths are insects that are similar in appearance and behavior to hummingbirds. Which of the following is LEAST valid?

11. Which of the following describes a symbiotic relationship?

12. Destruction of all beta cells in the pancreas will cause which of the following to occur?