AP Biology Practice Test 8

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1. In plants, the tendency of climbing vines to twine their tendrils around a trellis is called

2. Females with Turner's syndrome have a high incidence of hemophilia, a recessive, X-linked trait. Based on this information, it can be inferred that females with this condition

3. When a retrovirus inserted its DNA into the middle of a bacterial gene, it altered the normal reading frame by one base pair. This type of mutation is called

4. High levels of estrogen from maturing follicles inhibit the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). Which of the following endocrine glands produces GnRH?

5. The principle inorganic compound found in living things is

6. Kangaroo rats are better able to concentrate urine than humans are. It would be expected that, compared to the nephrons of human kidneys, the nephrons of kangaroo-rat kidneys would have

7. All of the following are modes of asexual reproduction EXCEPT

8. The moist skin of earthworms, spiracles of grasshoppers, and the mucus membranes lining alveoli are all associated with the process of

9. Invertebrate immune systems possess which of the following?

10. All of the following are examples of connective tissue EXCEPT

11. Photosynthesis requires

12. If a forest of fir, birch, and white spruce trees was devastated by fire, which of the following would most likely happen?