AP Calculus AB Practice Test 41

Calculator Disallowed

1. (where [x] is the greatest integer in x) is


3. If f (x) = x ln x, then f(e) equals

4. The equation of the tangent to the curve 2x2 - y4 = 1 at the point (-1, 1) is

5. On which interval(s) does the function f (x) = x4 - 4x3 + 4x2 + 6 increase?


7. A relative maximum value of the function is

8. If a particle moves on a line according to the law s = t5 + 2t3, then the number of times it reverses direction is


A particular solution of the differential equation whose slope field is shown abovecontains point P. This solution may also contain which other point?

10. Let . Which of the following statements is (are) true?

I. The domain of F is x ≠ ±1.

II. F(2) > 0.

III. The graph of F is concave upward.