AP Calculus AB Practice Test 52

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2. If p′(x) = q(x) and qis a continuous function for all values of x, then is

3. Water is leaking from a tank at a rate represented by f(t) whose graph is shown below. Which of the following is the best approximation of the total amount of water leaked from the tank for 1 ≤ t≤ 3?


If f(x) = 5 cos2(π&- x), then is

5. , then g′(2) is

6. If , a possible value of kis

7. If for all positive values of a, then which of the following could be the graph of f? (See below.)

8. A function fis continuous on [1, 5] and some of the values of fare shown below:

If fhas only one root, r, on the closed interval [1, 5], and r≠ 3, then a possible value of bis

9. Given the equation , what is the instantaneous rate of change of Vwith respect to rat r= 5?

10. What is the slope of the tangent to the curve x3&- y2= 1 at x= 1?