AP Calculus BC Practice Test 2

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Time 18 minutes

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2. Use differentials to approximate the change in the volume of a cube when the side is decreased from 8 to 7.99 cm (in cm3).

3. The radius of convergence of is

4. (x) dx =

5. The equation of the line normal to y = at x = 2 is

6. If c satisfies the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem for derivatives for f(x) = 2sin x on the interval [0, π], then c could be

7. The average value of f(x) = xln x on the interval [1, e] is

8. A 17-foot ladder is sliding down a wall at a rate of -5 feet/sec. When the top of the ladder is 8 feet from the ground, how fast is the foot of the ladder sliding away from the wall (in feet/sec)?

9. If = 3ycos x, and y = 8 when x = 0, then y =