AP Calculus BC Practice Test 29

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Time 27 minutes

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1. The area bounded by the curve x = 3y - y2 and the line x = - y is represented by

2. Find the area bounded by the spiral r = ln θ on the interval π θ 2π.

3. Write an equation for the line tangent to the curve defined by F(t) = (t2 + 1,2t) at the point where y = 4.

4. Which infinite series converge(s)?




5. Bacteria in a culture increase at a rate proportional to the number present. An initialpopulation of 200 triples in 10 hours. If this pattern of increase continues unabated,then the approximate number of bacteria after 1 full day is

6. When the substitution x = 2t - 1 is used, the definite integral dt may be expressed in the form where {k. a, b } =

7. The curve defined by x3 + xy - y2 = 10 has a vertical tangent line when x =

8. Use the graph of f shown on [0,7]. Let

G (1) is

9. Use the graph of f shown on [0,7]. Let

G has a local maximum at x =