AP Calculus BC Practice Test 31

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Question 10 questions

Time 20 minutes

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1. (where [x] is the greatest integer in x) is



4. The equation of the tangent to the curve 2x2 - y4 = 1 at the point (-1, 1) is

5. The nth term of the Taylor series expansion about x = 0 of the function

6. When the method of partial fractions is used to decompose one of the fractions obtained is

7. A relative maximum value of the function is is

8. When a series is used to approximate the value of the integral, to two decimal places, is


A particular solution of the differential equation whose slope field is shown abovecontains point P. This solution may also contain which other point?

10. Let Which of the following statements is (are) true?

I. The domain of F is x ≠ ±1.

II. F(2) > 0.

III. The graph of F is concave upward.