AP Chemistry Question 296: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 296

8. Using Hess's law, which of the following combinations will give the enthalpy for the following reaction?

Br2(l) + 2e- → 2Br-(g)

  • A. ΔH° = ΔH°(3) + ΔH°(4)
  • B. ΔH° = 2ΔH°(3) + ΔH°(4)
  • C. ΔH° = ΔH°(3)/2 + ΔH°(4)
  • D. ΔH° = ΔH°(3) + 2ΔH°(4)

Correct Answer: D


(D) Combining ΔH°(3) and 2ΔH°(4) will duplicate the reaction and give the proper enthalpy.