AP Chemistry Practice Test 10

1. An unknown substance is found to have a high melting point. In addition, it is a poor conductor of electricity and does not dissolve in water. The substance most likely contains

2. Which of the following best explains why the ionization of atoms can occur during photoelectron spectroscopy, even though ionization is not a thermodynamically favored process?


The above diagrams shows the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in a sealed container in the presence of a catalyst. What is the overall order for the reaction?


One of the resonance structures for the nitrite ion is shown above. What is the formal charge on each atom?

Ox &nbps;&nbps; N &nbps;&nbps; Oy

Questions 5-7 refer to the following information.

Atoms of four elements are examined: carbon, nitrogen, neon, and sulfur.

5. Atoms of which element would have the strongest magnetic moment?

6. Atoms of which element are most likely to form a structure with the formula XF6 (where X is one of the four atoms)?

7. Which element would have a photoelectron spectra in which the peak representing electrons with the lowest ionization energy would be three times higher than all other peaks?

8. The following diagram supports which of the following conclusions about the reaction shown below?

9. NO2 + O3 → NO3 + O2 slow
NO3 + NO2 → N2O5 fast

A proposed reaction mechanism for the reaction of nitrogen dioxide and ozone is detailed above. Which of the following is the rate law for the reaction?


The concentrations of the reactants and products in the reaction represented by the above graph are found to be changing very slowly. Which of the following statements best describes the reaction given that the reaction is exergonic? (ΔG < 0)

11. A certain beam of monochromatic light has a frequency of 6.00 × 1014 hertz. The wavelength of this radiation is _______, and this wavelength and frequency reside in the _________ of the electromagnetic spectrum. (The speed of light is 3.00 × 108 m s-1.)

12. Of the following oxo acids, which is predicted to be the strongest acid?