AP Chemistry Practice Test 12

1. The subatomic particle with the most penetrating ability is

2. Which of the following is expected to be a polar molecule?

3. All of the following ions have the same electron configuration except

4. In which of the following is the negative end of the bond written last?

5. What is the molar mass of a monoprotic weak acid that requires 26.3 mL of 0.122 M KOH to neutralize 0.682 gram of the acid?

6. Which of the following correctly lists the individual intermolecular attractive forces from the strongest to the weakest?

7. A mechanism is a sequence of elementary reactions that add up to the overall reaction stoichiometry. A substance that is produced in one elementary reaction and consumed in another is called

8. How many moles of propane (C3H8) are there in 6.2 g of propane?

9. What is the work involved if a gas in a 2.0-liter container at 2.4 atmospheres pressure is allowed to expand against a pressure of 0.80 atmosphere?

10. Monatomic ions of the representative elements are often

11. A first-order reaction has a half-life of 34 minutes. What is the rate constant for this reaction?

12. The electrolysis of molten magnesium bromide is expected to produce