AP Chemistry Practice Test 20

1. Of the following, the most important experimental information used to deduce the structure of the atom was

2. The units for R, the ideal gas law equation constant, may be

3. Which of the following is considered an acid anhydride?

4. The standard state for redox reactions includes

5. What is the theoretical yield of ethyl ethanoate when 100 grams of ethanoic acid is reacted with 100 grams of ethyl alcohol?


6. Iron(III) hydroxide has Ksp = 1.6 × 10-39. What is the molar solubility of this compound?

7. When the dichromate ion is reacted, one of its most common products is Cr3+. What is the oxidation state (oxidation number) of chromium in the dichromate ion? Does reduction or oxidation occur when dichromate forms Cr3+?

8. Which of the following does not contain oxygen?

9. From the solubility rules, which of the following is true?

10. Which of the following molecules is expected to have the highest normal boiling point?

11. Which is correct about the calcium atom?

12. What is the theoretical yield of iron when 2.00 grams of carbon is reacted with 26.0 grams of Fe2O3?

2 Fe2O3 + 3 C → 4 Fe + 3 CO2