AP English Language and Composition Practice Test 39

Questions 1-12 refer to the following information.

Carefully read the following passages and answer the accompanying questions. Questions 1-12 are based on the following passage from "Samuel Johnson on Pope," which appeared in The Lives of the English Poets(1779-1781).

1. The passage is primarily a(n)

2. The passage discusses a contrast among all of the following except:

3. "If the flights" (35) means

4. The character of Pope is developed by all of the following except:

5. According to the passage, Pope and Dryden are

6. From the passage, the reader may infer that Pope

7. The tone of the passage is

8. Lines 20–24 indicate that Dryden was what type of writer?

9. Using the context of lines 27–29, "punctilious" means

10. In the context of the passage, "until he had nothing left to be forgiven" (29) means

11. "Shaven" and "leveled" in line 34 indicate that Pope's style of writing was

12. Based on a close reading of the final paragraph of the passage, the reader could infer that the author