AP English Language and Composition Practice Test 4

Questions 1-11 refer to the following information.

In 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote the following in the Introduction to her book A Vindication of the Rights of Women:

1. In the initial paragraph, the author employs both

2. In the initial paragraph, the author decries

3. In the initial paragraph, the author suggests that

4. The author ties the second paragraph to the first by using the words

5. The word "vessel" (line 20) is a metaphor for

6. The author suggests that a woman's worth may be best judged by

7. The author proposes to write in a manner that is both

8. The words "pretty nothings" (line 43) are a reprise of

9. With the phrase "dropping glibly from the tongue" (line 44) the author begins

10. One can infer from the passage that to become strong human beings, rather than mere children, young women need

11. The tone of the final paragraph is