AP English Language and Composition Practice Test 45

Questions 1-10 refer to the following information.

The following passage is from Margaret Atwood’s "Origins of Stories."

1. One reason Atwood gives for the presence of stories in children's lives is

2. The close association between the reader and the author is immediately established by

3. The last sentence of paragraph 2, "From all these scraps …" to "forbidden knowledge," contains all of the following except :

4. The phrase "forbidden knowledge" in the last sentence of the second paragraph can best be categorized as

5. According to the author, the writer is like a child because

6. A careful reading of the last two paragraphs of the excerpt can lead the reader to infer that

7. The predominant tone of the passage is best stated as

8. The author makes use of which of the following rhetorical strategies?

9. A shift in the focus of the passage occurs with which of the following?

10. The primary purpose of the passage is to