AP English Language and Composition Practice Test 49

Questions 1-10 refer to the following information.

The following passage is from Annie Dillard, What an Essay Can Do.

1. Which technique does the author employ to focus the reader's attention on the specific topic of the passage?

2. Based on a careful reading of the first paragraph, the reader can conclude that the author blames the death of the "novel of idea" on

3. The primary rhetorical strategy the author uses to develop the first paragraph is

4. Near the end of the third paragraph, Dillard states, "The essayist does what we do with our lives; the essayist thinks about actual things. He can make sense of them analytically or artistically." The most probable reason for the author choosing to write two separate sentences rather than constructing a single, longer sentence using a listing, is

5. In paragraph 3, in the sentence beginning with "The real world …," the word "there" refers to

6. The primary rhetorical strategy the author uses to develop the second paragraph is

7. In terms of her position on her subject, the author can best be categorized as

8. An example of parallel structure is found in which of the following lines taken from the passage?

9. The contrast between the short story writer and the essayist is based on which of the following?

10. The tone of the passage can best be described as