AP English Language and Composition Practice Test 51

Questions 1-14 refer to the following information.

The following passage is from Herman Melville’s "Moby-Dick."

1. The controlling analogy of the passage is

2. Melville describes Nantucketers as all of the following except:

3. The tone of the passage can best be described as

4. The most probable reason for repeating and italicizing "There" in the middle of paragraph 4 at the beginning of two main clauses in the same sentence is to

5. The shift in the focus of the piece occurs in which line?

6. The first paragraph contains an extended example of

7. Melville retells the Native American legend of how the island was settled in order to

8. The development of paragraph 3 is structured around

9. Based on a careful reading of the passage, complete the following analogy:NANTUCKET:ILLINOIS ::

10. One may conclude from the information contained in paragraph 3 that "Himmalehan, salt-sea Mastedon" refers to

11. The purpose of the passage is most probably to

12. Melville uses thus twice in this passage: once in the second sentence of paragraph 2 to begin the Native American legend about the island being settled. What is the reason for using thus a second time in the first sentence of paragraph 4?

I. to begin a comparative legend with the Nantucketers settling the sea

II. to balance the first part of the passage with the second part

III. to reinforce the formality of his presentation

13. The subtle humor of the first paragraph is dependent upon

14. The last sentence of the passage continues the analogy between