AP English Language and Composition Practice Test 9

Questions 1-9 refer to the following information.

1. The speaker in the passage above can be described best as

2. According to the speaker, George Eliot's heroines are "cloistered" (line 11) because they are

3. In context, "the facts of human existence" (line 21)

4. "Save for" (line 24) most nearly means

5. The "differences" mentioned in line 34 pertain to Eliot's

6. According to the speaker, Eliot

7. In the sentence beginning "Thus we behold her" (lines 36-43), the speaker employs all of the following EXCEPT

8. It is reasonable to assume that the phrase "a fastidious yet hungry ambition" (lines 40-41)

9. Generally, the style of the entire passage is best defined as