AP English Literature and Composition Question 135: Answer and Explanation

Question: 135

2. As described in the passage, Amory's distaste for the city is based primarily on its

  • A. poverty-stricken neighborhoods
  • B. oppressive crowds
  • C. bleak appearance
  • D. noise pollution
  • E. unsanitary conditions

Correct Answer: E


(E) The passage contains several references to Amory's aversion to dirt and to the lack of cleanliness, as well as to the foul odors of people and food. Less pronounced, but still evident, are Amory's views of "gloomy hallways" and "verdureless" backyards (lines 28-29). By contrast, Amory remembers one instance when a "wreath of fresh flowers" provided a "momentary glow" in a subway car (lines 54-56). If you chose (A), you may have been misled by the expression poverty-stricken. Amory detested poverty-stricken people, but the passage refers hardly at all to their neighborhoods.