AP English Literature and Composition Question 141: Answer and Explanation

Question: 141

8. Based on Amory's observations of New York, which of the following conditions does he NOT attribute to poverty?

  • A. Crowds of vile people on the subway
  • B. Seedy, foul-smelling living quarters
  • C. Unsanitary eating places
  • D. The scorn of those who are not poor
  • E. People's sense of hopelessness about escaping poverty

Correct Answer: E


(E) Choice (A) is discussed at length in the second paragraph (lines 9-24). As for (B), Amory envisions the squalid living conditions in lines 24-39. Choice (C) is mentioned in lines 36-39, and (D) is implied by the incident that Amory observes in lines 63-69. (E) is the best answer because no mention is made in the passage of people's despair over forever remaining in poverty.