AP English Literature and Composition Question 308: Answer and Explanation

Question: 308

8. Which of the following best characterizes the poem's language?

  • A. It uses numerous images of farm life.
  • B. It argues logically in behalf of leading a spiritual life.
  • C. It expresses poetically the need for organized worship to give meaning to life.
  • D. Its religious nature is partly derived from images of death.
  • E. Its tone implies a warning to nonbelievers that they will suffer in the afterlife.

Correct Answer: D


(D) The language is full of religious words and phrases, many alluding to death, especially in the second half of the poem. Aside from a reference to corn and to the crowing of a cock (Choice A), the poem has no images related to life on a farm. (B) is a poor choice because the speaker's argument is based on faith, not on logic. (C) and (E) may be vaguely implied, but the language in the poem never refers specifically to those issues.