AP English Literature and Composition Question 342: Answer and Explanation

Question: 342

12. The structure of the sentence beginning in line 65 ("Wear red . . .") does which of the following?

  • A. It demonstrates the intensity of Skimpole's frustrations.
  • B. It reflects the failure of society to accept a character like Skimpole.
  • C. It supports the earlier assertion that "he didn't cry for the moon" (line 63).
  • D. It suggests that Skimpole may be deranged.
  • E. It illustrates Skimpole's broadmindedness.

Correct Answer: A


(A) The sentence is a series of imperatives leading to the climax, "Let Skimpole live!"-a plea to society to get off his back. Its message-"live and let live"-comes straight from Skimpole's guts and vehemently expresses his frustration. (B) and (C) are implied in Skimpole's plea, but the intent of the sentence is to reveal his state of mind.