AP English Literature and Composition Question 63: Answer and Explanation

Question: 63

8. As it is referred to in line 49, what is Bath?

  • A. A state of sin
  • B. A character in Chaucer
  • C. A married man
  • D. A poet
  • E. A town and spa in England

Correct Answer: E


As used in line 49, Bath is an ancient town and spa in England. This is a general knowledge question that you are just expected to know; the town shows up not only in Chaucer but also in Jane Austen. Choice (B) might be confusing because there is a famous character in Chaucer called the Wife of Bath, because she's from Bath, and she is mentioned in this passage. If you were getting very frazzled, the notion of wife might sucker you into choosing (C), because wives have husbands. Choice (D) is there to confuse you if you were getting overwhelmed by this list of poets. Choice (A) is just irrelevant.