AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 1

Questions 1-15 refer to the following information.

Excerpt from The Awakening by Kate Chopin (pp. 1–6). Copyright © 1899 by Herbert S. Stone & Co.

1. The tone of the beginning of the passage is

2. In line 6, the word "his" is referring to

3. Lines 8–10 establish Mr. Pontellier as

4. The parrot's chatter made at the beginning of the passage helps to establish

5. In line 26, the word "quitting" means

6. Mr. Pontellier's attitude toward his companions on Grand Isle could be characterized as

7. In line 48, the word "sturdy" helps to establish

8. In lines 51–65, which word complements our understanding of Mr. Pontellier's personality?

9. The use of "the sunshade" to refer to the approach of two people is an example of

10. Lines 57–65 reveal:

I. Mr. Pontellier's dislike of Robert

II. Mr. Pontellier's contempt toward his wife

III. Mr. Pontellier's self-righteousness

11. In line 66, Mr. Pontellier uses which literary device to provoke a reaction from his wife?

12. Lines 68–77 serve to introduce

13. In line 86, the phrase "quite frankly" serves the purpose of

14. The description of the interactions between Mrs. Pontellier and Robert convey a tone of

15. Lines 85–89 serve to further clarify

I Mr. Pontellier's indifference toward his marriage

II Mr. Pontellier's disdain for his children

III Mr. Pontellier's fear of Robert's influence over his wife