AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 2

Questions 1-12 refer to the following information.

The Poem by Christina Rossetti.

1. How many speakers does the poem directly present?

2. "Laurel" and "bay" (line 5) are allusions to

3. Lines 6–7 suggest that

4. Which of the following lines contains an image NOT echoed closely elsewhere in the poem?

5. Which of the following choices best characterizes the speaker's attitude in each of the poem's three stanzas, respectively?

6. In the context of the poem "a moth is in thine array" (line 13) is intended to imply that the

7. Lines 15 and 16 suggest that

8. In the third stanza "winter" can be taken to represent

9. Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes the relationship of the imagery in the third stanza to that of the first and second stanzas?

10. Lines 7 and 8 provide an example of

11. In context, the word "spray" (line 21) most nearly means

12. The grammatical subject of the sentence that begins at line 24 is