AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 33

Questions 1-13 refer to the following information.

1. In the passage, darkness implies all of the following except

2. The setting of the passage is

3. The tone of the passage is

4. Later events may be foreshadowed by all of the following phrases except

5. The narrator draws a parallel between

6. In this passage, "We live in the flicker … " (lines 7–8) may be interpreted to mean

I. In the history of the world, humanity's span on earth is brief.

II. Future civilizations will learn from only a portion of the past.

III. Periods of enlightenment and vision appear only briefly.

7. One may conclude from the passage that the speaker

8. In the context of the passage, which of the following phrases presents a paradox?

9. The lines "Imagine him here … concertina … " (lines 13–14) contain examples of

10. According to the speaker, the one trait which saves Europeans from savagery is

11. According to the speaker, the only justification for conquest is

12. In the statement by the speaker, "Mind, none of us would feel exactly like this" (line 36), "this" refers to

13. The speaker presents all of the following reasons for exploration and conquest except