AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 36

Questions 1-14 refer to the following information.

Bleak House

by Charles Dickens

Excerpt from "In Chancery"

* (23) gas: gas lights

* (40) goat-hair and horse-hair warded heads: wigs worn by members of the court

1. In context, "Implacable November weather" [line 2] serves as

2. The juxtaposition of "Megalosaurus" [line 3] with London town has as its purpose

3. "Gone into mourning" in line 6 refers to

4. In the context of the passage, "death of the sun" [line 6] can be seen as parallel to the

5. "For it has a haggard and unwilling look" [line 25] refers to

6. The purpose of lines 26–29 is to

7. The attitude of the speaker in lines 26–29 can best be described as

8. Lines 37–41, beginning with "On such an afternoon" and ending with "as players might," reinforce which of the following lines?

9. The imagery created in lines 46–52 serves to

10. One could best summarize lines 52–59 with which of the following statements?

11. The second and last paragraphs are primarily developed through the use of

12. The organization of the passage moves from

13. Within the passage, comparisons may be drawn about all of the following except

14. The overall tone of the passage can best be described as