AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 37

Questions 1-11 refer to the following information.

The Writer
by Richard Wilbur

1. The last line of the poem "What I wished you before, but harder" implies that

2. Which of the following is used to develop the poem?

3. Line 13 is an example of

4. "A smooth course for the right window" in line 29 parallels line(s)

5. The poem breaks after line

6. The final stanza serves all the following purposes except

7. Stanzas 1–3 include all the following analogies except

8. The father's sensitivity is supported by line(s)

9. Contrasts developed in the poem include all the following except

10. According to the poem, the daughter, as young as she is, has

11. The poet alludes to all the following as part of the process of a creative life except