AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 39

Questions 1-13 refer to the following information.

The Pulley
by George Herbert

1. The "pulley" of the title refers to

2. In line 9, "alone of all his treasure" refers to

3. According to the first stanza, God is

4. In line 16, "Yet let him keep the rest" refers to

5. God will control humans by keeping them

6. The pun in this poem depends upon the reading of which word?

7. The dominant imagery concerns

8. In line 12, "this jewel" refers to

9. The first and last lines of each stanza are written in

10. The conflict of the poem is best expressed in line

11. For George Herbert, the God of all mankind is

12. The organization of the first two stanzas depends upon

13. We can infer that the speaker is