AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 40

Questions 1-12 refer to the following information.

William Shakespeare's Richard II.

Act 5—Scene 5 Pomfret Castle

King Richard II:

1. This passage is an example of

2. The extended metaphor in this passage develops around

3. In line 5, "yet I'll hammer it out" refers to Richard's

4. The conceit in lines 6–11 is based on

5. In line 10, "the people of this world" refers to Richard's

6. Lines 10–22 are developed using each of the following except

7. Richard attempts to comfort himself with the idea that

8. The organization of this passage moves from

9. Lines 38–41 conclude the passage with an example of

10. Richard's major epiphany occurs within lines

11. Contrasts developed in the passage include all of the following except

12. The theme of isolation (lines 3–4) is reinforced by which of the following lines?