AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 41

Questions 1-13 refer to the following information.

The Solitude of Self
by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

1. The attitude of the author toward the education of women is

2. In the passage, the author uses each of the following except

3. For the author, the primary purpose of the education of women is

4. Paragraph three is developed using all the following except

5. The concept that all people have diversity in common is an example of

6. The "laws of navigation" (line 21) refer to

7. "Our own craft" (line 21) is a metaphor for our

8. The twentieth-century civil rights movement could most easily embrace which of the following paragraphs?

9. According to the passage, man and woman are alike in all the following ways except

10. Paragraph 7 contains examples of

11. In exhorting the public to work for equal rights for women, the author stresses

12. The last sentence of the passage is an example of

13. Which of the following lines is not a thematic statement of the passage?