AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 42

Questions 1-15 refer to the following information.

Love Poem
by John Frederick Nims

1. As used in the second stanza, "undulant" most closely means

2. With reference to the title, the irony lies in the

3. The image of "hands drop white and empty" (line 23) implies the

4. The word "only" in line 13 serves to

5. According to the poem, the lover is all the following except

6. "Be with me, darling" (line 21) is an example of

7. The poem is essentially a

8. Lines 5 and 6 illustrate an example of

9. The tone of the poem is

10. The speaker's attitude toward his love is

11. "Toys of the world" in the last line of the poem may be best understood as a metaphor for

12. "A wrench in clocks and the solar system" (line 13) can be best interpreted to mean

13. The poem is written in

14. Line 3 includes an example of

15. Line 20 employs