AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 43

Questions 1-15 refer to the following information.

Excerpt fromAs I Lay Dying, "Addie,"
by William Faulkner

1. The "geese" (line 22) are a symbolic representation of

2. In the first paragraph, the reader learns all the following except

3. In lines 29–44, the character of Anse is revealed by which of the following literary techniques?

4. Figurative language is found in lines

5. The concept of alienation is supported by all of the following except

6. Addie marries because

7. The reader can infer that Addie's role in the marriage will be

8. The repetition of the phrase "so I took Anse" serves to

9. In line 21, "In early spring it was worst," "it" refers to Addie's

10. Addie whips the children primarily because

11. Which of the following ideas are presented and supported in the passage?

I. The relationship between life and death

II. Isolation and alienation

III. Freedom and commitment

12. Addie's philosophy and behavior most likely come from

13. Which of the following images are contrasted in the passage?

14. On an interpretive level, Addie associates quiet with all of the following except

15. Symbolically, "early spring" may represent