AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 5

Questions 1-15 refer to the following information.

An Invective Against Enemies of Poetry

1. In the first paragraph, preachers are accused of all the following EXCEPT

2. "Saturnist" (line 8) means

3. What are "divines" (line 5)?

4. "New herrings, new!" (line 21)

5. In lines 29–34 London is described as

6. The main idea of lines 34–40 is which of the following?

7. Who is Salustius (line 43)?

8. As it is referred to in line 49, what is Bath?

9. In the last paragraph, poets are said to be like

10. Line 9 is an example of

11. In line 2, what is the referent of "those"?

12. Lines 18–23 argue that

13. The author complains (lines 10–11) that the preachers have no eloquence to hold their audience but only

14. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a function of poetry?

15. Who first raised the issue of necessity of poetry to the state?