AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 6

Questions 1-13 refer to the following information.

The poem by John Donne.

1. The situation described in this poem is

2. Lines 10–16 are an example of

3. Line 19 is an address to the

4. To what do lines 14 and 15 refer?

I. The speaker's tears which reflect the beloved

II. The beloved's tears

III. The beloved's clothing, which has been torn as a symbol of her grief

5. Which of the stanzas do NOT include images of roundness?

6. The imagery in this poem can most accurately be described as sustained images of

7. In line 13, to what does the word "which" refer?

8. Which of the following is NOT an appropriate association for lines 19–20?

9. What does "diverse shore" (line 9) mean?

10. Which of the following types of imagery is sustained throughout the poem?

11. Line 4 can best be paraphrased as

12. What does the speaker ascribe to his beloved in lines 20–25?

13. In the extended metaphors of this poem, the speaker flatters the beloved through the use of