AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 7

Questions 1-11 refer to the following information.

The passage, an excerpt from a short story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, describes a woman about to be married after a long engagement.

1. In overall terms, how is Louisa characterized?

2. Which statement best describes Louisa's household activities (paragraphs 1 and 2)?

3. Which of the following statements are TRUE?

The story of Caesar is used in this passage to reinforce the idea that

I. Louisa has grown too accustomed to her circumscribed life to welcome change

II. cruelty to animals is an indicator of a cruel society

III. marrying is like being conquered by an invading emperor

IV. people can be trapped by unchanging and unexamined ideas

4. Caesar's "ascetic" diet (paragraph 4)

5. The word "purity" in line 39 is an example of

6. The tone of the description of Caesar (paragraphs 3 and 4) is

7. In context, the word "sanguinary" (line 106) most nearly means

8. Judging from this passage, which of the following best describes Louisa's beliefs about gender relations?

9. In line 41, how is the word "indelicate" used?

10. Which of the following are accomplished by the Caesar vignette?

11. In context, "mild-visaged" (line 54) most nearly means