AP European History Practice Test 28

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Question 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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Questions 1-5 refer to the following information.

1. The tables indicate which of the following about World War II?

2. What might best explain the discrepancy between the number of fighter jets and bombers of the United States and the British?

3. The large difference in the number of tanks between the Germans and the Allies was most probably due to what?

4. In which unit did the Germans most closely match the Allies, according to the tables?

5. Which of the following statements about Germany could be supported by the data shown in the tables?

Questions 6-10 refer to the following information.

The cartoon below.

"And don't forget that your Kaiser will find a use for you-alive or dead."

Punch Magazine, 1917

6. The concept of "total war" as practiced by the kaiser in the sketch included all of the following EXCEPT

7. The long-term impact of the event portrayed in the cartoon could best be seen through the

8. One consequence that resulted from the situation depicted in the cartoon was

9. The perspective of the cartoonist is most likely influenced by his

10. The cartoonist would be mostly likely to agree with which of the following statements?