AP European History Practice Test 6

Questions 1-4 refer to the following information.

Read the political platform below.

To help heal the planet we will:

- Make achieving international agreement and action to limit climate change to below 2 degrees C of warming the major foreign policy priority.
- Invest in an £85 billion public programme of renewable electricity generation, flood defenses and building insulation.
- Support local sustainable agriculture, with respect for animals and wild places.
To become more equal and support our public services[,] we will:
- End privatization in the National Health Service
- End tuition fees and cancel student debt.
- Provide 500,000 social homes for rent over the five-year Parliament
- Control excessive rents and achieve house price stability.
- Increase public spending to almost half of national income.
- Make tax fair and crack down vigorously on tax avoidance and evasion.
- Ensure respect for everyone whatever their ethnicity, gender, age, religious belief or non-belief, sexual orientation, class, size, disability or other status.
- Make the highest wage in any organization no more than ten times the lowest wage.
To create a truly democratic central and local government and a common citizenship and to promote peace based on democratic principles[,] we will:
- Reform the benefits system. End workfare and sanctions. Double Child Benefit and pay a pension that people can live on in the longer term, unite tax and benefits in a Basic Income system covering everyone.
- Fund local government adequately and set democratically elected local authorities free to decide how to run education, public transport and other local services and to raise local taxes.
- Respect immigrants for the contribution they make and control immigration fairly.
- Decommission the Trident nuclear deterrent system and promote peacemaking.

—The 2015 Manifesto of the Green Party of England

1. Which of the following twentieth-century events was the political platform outlined in the passage reacting to most?

2. Which of the following trends in late-twentieth-century Europe is reflected in the platform's references to minorities and multicultural communities?

3. Education and public services as a central plank in their platform are most clearly evidence of which of the following?

4. Based on its platform, the Green Party of England likely supported which of the following?

Questions 5-7 refer to the following information.

The fresco shown below.

—School of Athens by Raphael (1509–1511). This painting depicting the most famous Greek philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Euclid, and many others, was commissioned as one of four great masterpieces for the Papal Palace in Rome.

5. The painting above is often described as a Renaissance masterpiece that typifies the humanism that was which of the following?

6. What are three characteristics in the painting above that make it an Italian Renaissance painting?

7. Why would the patrons of this painting and its three companion paintings wish to pay huge sums of money for these works of art?

Questions 8-10 refer to the following information.

Read the following letter.

It happened . . . that a Spaniard saw an Indian . . . eating a piece of flesh taken from the body of an Indian who had been killed. . . . I had the culprit burned, explaining that the cause was his having killed that Indian and eaten him[,] which was prohibited by Your Majesty, and by me in Your Royal name. I further made the chief understand that all the people . . . must abstain from this custom. . . . I came . . . to protect their lives as well as their property, and to teach them that they were to adore but one God[,] . . . that they must turn from their idols, and the rites they had practiced until then, for these were lies and deceptions which the devil . . . had invented. . . . I, likewise, had come to teach them that Your Majesty, by the will of Divine Providence, rules the universe, and that they also must submit themselves to the imperial yoke, and do all that we who are Your Majesty's ministers here might order them.

—Hernan Cortez, Fifth Letter to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, 1521

8. Which of the following motivations for exploration is most evident from the document above?

9. Which of the following was NOT a result of the European conquest of the Americas realized by the end of the seventeenth century?

10. Which of the following superior technologies was most crucial to the Europeans' success in the New World?