AP Human Geography Practice Test 4

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1. The sacred book of the Hindu is called the

2. Urban agriculture can benefit urban society in all of the following ways EXCEPT

3. Which theory below was used as justification for US involvement in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s?

4. The Basques, Bretons, Kashmiris, and Tamils are all examples of

5. The process whereby immigrants learn the values, language, and customs of their new country is called

6. Which of the following jobs is in the non-basic employment sector?

7. Variations in vocabulary, pronunciation, and rhythm in a spoken language are called


United States Population, 2000. Source: US Census Bureau.

The map shown above is the following type of map:

9. The intensive agricultural practice of planting and harvesting the same crop more than once a year is called

10. A large node of office and commercial land use outside the central city with more jobs than residents is a(n)

11. Which one of the following statements does NOT correctly describe the Green Revolution?

12. The theory that whoever controlled the landmass of Europe would rule the world is called the

13. Which of the following is a distinct characteristic of an East European city?

14. Which religion below is a universalizing religion?

15. What is the most abundant fossil fuel?