AP Human Geography Practice Test 9

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Time 12 minutes

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1. The largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world is

2. The multiplier effect is

3. Which geographer viewed the US urban community of the 1920s as a set of concentric rings radiating outward from a central core?

4. Which of the following is NOT a key milestone reached by the EU?

5. Which pair of religions below share a long-held tradition of cremating their dead?

6. Part of the boundary between the United States and Mexico is the Rio Grande, an example of

7. Which of the following is NOT an important environmental factor influencing a country's agriculture?

8. The key factor Thomas Malthus failed to recognize in his population theory was

9. What family do most European languages belong to?

10. The latitude and longitude coordinates of a place are an example of

11. All of the following are non-basic jobs in the city EXCEPT

12. The theory that cities grow outward from a core utilizing several nodes of growth was proposed by

13. What was the primary reason the Green Revolution did NOT help Africa much?

14. You are planning to move from your hometown to Pittsburgh. Along the way, you stop in Columbus, Ohio to visit a relative and fall in love with the city! You decide to stay and make Columbus your new home. This is an example of

15. What type of countries generally possesses a greater variety of climates and resources than other countries?