AP Human Geography Practice Test 12

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Time 12 minutes

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1. Which group represents the Persian (Iranian) variation of Islam and believes in the infallibility and divine right to authority of the Imams descended from Ali?

2. Which of the following is an example of a stateless nation?

3. The world systems theory divides the world into

4. The process of devolution involves

5. Which description best describes the urban hierarchy model in which the population of a city is inversely proportional to its rank in the hierarchy?

6. The photo below shows which of the following concepts in action?

7. Which of the following is NOT a problem for cities in LDCs?


The map above best exemplifies which type of farming?

9. The majority of workers in periphery countries are probably employed in which type of activities?

10. Which of the following countries is actively trying to preserve the purity of their native language from contamination by English or other languages?

11. Which of the following languages is NOT an example of a creole language in use today?

12. Ralph purchases garden fertilizer at the nearby garden shop rather than drive 50 miles to the neighboring town for the same product. This reflects which type of spatial interaction?

13. Change in any culture is introduced through all the following processes EXCEPT

14. Which of the following entities is a state?

15. Which of the following items is NOT a challenge to the state?