AP Macroeconomics Practice Test: International Trade and Exchange

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Time 18 minutes

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1. When a country has a balance of trade deficit

2. A balance of trade surplus can be the result of

3. One strategy a corporation may use to gain market share in a foreign market is

4. Tariffs and quotas

5. Tariffs and quotas

6. Which of the following is NOT an argument for restricting trade?

7. A balance of payments deficit means that a country has

8. If a country has a negative value on its current account, then it must

9. With a managed float

10. An expansionary monetary policy tends to

11. In the balance of payments, the trade balance

12. If interest rates rise in the United States relative to other nations, then

13. If prices rise in the United States relative to other countries, then

14. If the demand for dollars rises while the supply of dollars falls, then the

15. If the demand for our exports rises while our tastes for foreign goods falls off, then